Let's Build Your
100% Commission
Sales Team
Accelerate growth without the traditional costs of scaling a sales team... (Managers, Salaries, Draws Against Commissions) 
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We will source hundreds of applicants each month, filter through and identify potential candidates, and interview the best in order to place 2-4 new independent contractors for you each month.
We will record and memorialize your sales training systems in a video-based, self-paced training curriculum that covers the psychology of sales as well as your product and/or service training. 
We will install our proprietary accountability and sales monitoring/tracking systems for your company. Our Accountability and Performance coaches will keep a watchful eye on your team to make sure they are set up for success.
Are you ready to transition from "founder selling" to having a team of dedicated 100% commission sales people doing the daily sales grind on your behalf?

We'd love to help you.

In the next 45 days you could have your first wave of 100% commission sales people out in the marketplace as your megaphone with your product or service. 

Take a look at our video and then let's chat.
Our TEam
With over 45,000 hours of individual coaching and consulting business, we are here to serve you.
Josh Hirsch
Josh brings his expansive expertise in sales, consulting, and leadership to every company he works with. His previous experience with struggling sales teams, startups and venture-backed organizations allows him to understand all aspects of the growth process.Josh has an uncanny knack for seeing areas for opportunity and developing growth strategies that transcend organizations.
Joe Arioto
Wither over 16,000 hours of individual coaching and consulting Joe is an expert in helping small business owners gain radical clarity in their purpose, create bulletproof strategies to accomplish their goals, and establish ironclad accountability to stay on track even in the most challenging times.
Byron Vardilos
Byron has gained an impressive 15,000 hours as a Performance coach. With expertise in real estate, mortgage lending, software and enterprise level sales, he is a perfect fit to coach your new sales team.
Byron has a track record for success and the systems to hold your team accountable to accomplish their goals.
Jess shipers
Jess recently completed her time in the Marine Corps as an Avionics Instructor after eight years of active duty service. During her service in the military, Jess was presented with three personal achievement awards for her exemplary efforts and accomplishments. Jess is wrapping up her MBA in business administration in August of 2020.
Let us Help You, Hire, Train and Maintain your100% Commission Sales Team So You can focus on leading and scaling for Growth!
Companies don't pay us to TRY... they pay us to DO.

We've removed every single barrier that would hold you back. Even so, we know there can still be some trepidation about making this kind of decision. 

SO... if after your on-boarding and 3 months of sales team cohorts we have not generated at least $20,000 OR $5,000 in monthly revenue we will pause the payments and keep the program going so we can ramp up your revenue. 

The MAXIMUM you will be out of pocket is $20,000 to build your team.

We put our money where our mouth is... all you have to do is give us the green light.
Dale Archdekin
Smart Inside Sales
MetaGrowth Virtually Doubled Our Revenue!

"Josh has been instrumental in our company virtually doubling our revenue in under 6 months. His depth of experience and unique ability to analyze factors and synthesize new possibilities for our business has been priceless.
His unwavering ability to keep consistent accountability on our leadership staff is extremely helpful. Josh is an excellent business growth consultant, and
I would recommend MetaGrowth Ventures to anyone who asks! "
Josh Turns Ideas into a Profitable Reality!

"Josh exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that is required to turn an idea into a profitable reality. If you can share and harness this energy... and then direct it into a start-up, you can reap the rewards of his eagerness to risk time and capital in creating a business that not only survives, but is also fun to be around.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Josh, and I hope to get the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Avi Tal
Eric Steenstra
Branch Manager
Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
"I've had the pleasure of working with Joe for several years. Joe is one of the most detail oriented and clearly focused professionals I know. 

He is constantly looking for ways to develop and improve his own life as well as the lives of others. Being extremely goal oriented and vision minded have served him well...both personally and professionally."
"Joe is a very professional, very caring individual who is not afraid to go out on a limb for his clients or associates. His integrity is beyond reproach and you can absolutely count on his work. He will go the extra mile for you and bring his own brand of creativity to everything he does."
Maria Rini
Broker Associate
Lori Lara
Strong Girl Self Defense
For me, this is really a thank you letter. 

"Joe, thank you for sharing in my work. For helping me build the structure I've needed to take my work to a higher level. Thank you for helping me discover the very core of my passion and how that can impact the world around me. When I start over thinking or when doubts rise, you’re a strong voice of reason and practical help I need to keep pushing through the blocks that used to hold me back. 

What makes you stand out is you’re not only a very experienced and capable coach, you’re an extremely inspiring, creative, and trustworthy person. I can trace all the brave choices I’ve made and all the new connections and successes I’ve experienced, directly to a principle you shared, an exercise you had me do, or a word of encouragement you shared with me. Forever grateful for you!"
Zebras Fear Josh's Negotiating Skills!

"Josh is a serious rockstar consultant! He can negotiate the stripes off a Zebra... and the Zebra will thank him. Josh is very good at spotting opportunities and executing plans to capitalize them. I can vouch for his ability to select good people and keep them.

Should you be considering his talents, you cannot go wrong with Josh.
Eric Pointer
VP of Growth
Elm Street Technology
Sacha Garnicki
Bankore Financial
"I always feel like I'm treated with the utmost respect. They care for my well-being and put themselves in my shoes.

They do this all while not overstepping boundaries, yet they get their point across with conviction and proven results"
Josh Doubled My Personal Income!

"I engaged Josh for coaching and had never experienced anything like him. He struck the right balance of encouragement and accountability...  with a good dose of wisdom from his long experience thrown in.

Since my work with Josh, my personal income has at least doubled, and I have achieved several personal financial goals that had been eluding me.

Obviously, I recommend him highly."
Trent Adams
Trenton Adams Associates
Doug Carter
Carter Int'l Training & Development, Inc.
"Joe has an excellent ability to recognize the steps to take in order for his clients to raise their results to another level. He sees the big picture and he knows the details. He's perceptive! He's practical! And, he's tenacious! 

This is one of those rare individuals you want with you when times are good because he can accelerate your growth. You want him with you in the not so good times because he keeps you moving in the right direction.

Based on my experience of working with Joe I heartily recommend him."
They genuinely care about the success of their clients.

"Joe and Josh are two incredible human beings. 

They’re both excellent at what they do, and they genuinely care about the success of their clients. 

I love working with them, and I recommend them to anyone without reservations!"
Lucas Root
CEO / Owner
Building a 100% Commission Sales Team is simple...
but it’s not easy. 

The MetaGrowth Formula iS The key 
to makING it simple and Easy for you.
This Year you can Create a Team of 
100% commission Sales People 
without the hassle, typical headache, and cost.
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