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How can we help you

MetaGrowth wants you to feel confident in our services. We’re committed to accountability and transparency along
the way. Here are your common questions, answered.

01. What industries do you work with?

We've worked with dozens of industries but we work best in the B2B sector. We've found that in order to build a highly motivated and driven sales team, ideally, your product or service has a monthly recurring revenue or a LARGE one-time fee. Let's set up some time to see if there's a fit for you.

02. Do you charge to work with clients?

Clients pay MetaGrowth Ventures a monthly service fee for the program or service level they are in. For more info, please schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

03. Who is your ideal client?

We typically work with founders and owners who are looking to transition from doing the daily sales grind and most of the selling, to having a team doing the heavy lifting in sales for them.

04. How long until my team is up and running?

Our onboarding takes a minimum of 4 weeks. You will then be in a position to post for your sales position. Normally you'll find a good set of initial candidates within a few weeks of posting. You can have a team up and running in as little as 45 days. Most of our clients have their initial team started in less than 75 days.

05. Do I have to provide leads to the sales team?

Nothing will attract good talent more than provided leads. So we highly recommend you work simultaneously on marketing and lead generation. However, we teach your team how to implement our MetaGrowth Prospecting Formula. We've taught this system to hundreds of salespeople who've used this to generate high quality leads consistently from cold outreach.

06. Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we believe in the power of commitments. Building a sales team is hard work and we've seen too many business owners, founders and executives quit just before the results start to pour in. Although you may have your team up and running quickly... it doesn't mean they will be perfect and the sales world will be operating seamlessly. It will take months to get the kinks worked out. We pour ourselves into you and would love to work with you for life... but we expect a minimum commitment of 12 months.

07. Do you have an entry-level program?

Yes, we believe we can help any company grow their sales operations. We have programs for almost any company big and small.

08. How do I pay for my salespeople?

There are a few different financial models to deploy for a sales team. We have focused on either: The 100% Commission model or a Low Base Plus Commission. You will have a number of options that could be right for you depending on the type of sale, sales cycle length and profitability of your product or service. Set up some time to chat and we can help you determine what's best for you

09. How do I know it will work for me?

The work we do is based on tens of thousands of hours of consulting across hundreds (approaching 1,000) of clients, so you can be confident we have the systems that represent the highest likelihood for success. However, nothing in life is guaranteed. Our agreements always have a "breach" clause, meaning if you aren't getting the services we promised you can cancel without recourse. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, let's get focused on what's possible. We know what's possible is you creating a sales team who is passionate and driven who will carry your message to the marketplace consistently and alleviate the heavy lifting of prospecting from your daily life.

10. Can I speak with one of your clients?

In short... No. Our clients pay us to help save time, not invest more time in our prospecting process. However, feel free to click any of the links here to see what our clients say about working with us.

Set up a call with our team now to learn more about how our services will help you grow.